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Seed Functional Ecology 2023

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Seed Functional Ecology 2023

Online, 23-27 Jan 2023

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Seed Functional Ecology 2023

Online, from Pavia (Italy), 23-27 Jan 2023

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Theory and practices related to main seed functions: dispersal, persistence and recruitment - Online, 23-27 Jan 2023

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Seed dispersal in space and time

Vectors, soil seed bank, trade-offs, dispersal testing in practice

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Seed germination and dormancy

Classification of dormancy, abiotic and biotic factors, germination tesing in practice.

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Seed conservation and technology

Genebank, seed longevity, seed conservation and enhancement (coating, priming)

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Data analysis in R

Data preparation, dealing with databases, linear models, generalised linear models, incorporating phylogeny

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